Creativity and self-led learning

If you enjoyed my previous blog about phenomenon-based learning or you are interested in cross-curricular learning, this is a good read about the benefits of heutagogy, or self-led learning, from ‘The learning planet’.

The Learning Planet

Fred Garnett is running an enquiry into creativity and heutagogy, and he’s asked me to write 50 words on this topic. Heutagogy, in a nutshell, is the study of learning that is determined by the learner. Self-determined learners can in turn become heutagogics themselves by developing critical awareness of their own learning preferences, goals and practices. Being a self-determined sort of learning person, I’ve resisted Fred’s limit of 50 words (‘I didn’t have time to write a shorter letter…’) but you can take what 50 word bits you want from this.

My thesis is this: All effective or meaningful learning depends on a good balance between Creative and Methodical modes.

MODES Creative Methodical
Ways of communicating Connotative Denotative
Ways of thinking Divergent and open-ended Convergent and judging
Ways of perceiving Inward and reflecting Outward and observing
Ways of making Poietic and generative Technical and imitative

Creative modes can flourish even…

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